In keeping with the spirit of 'switching it up is everything' for all seasons, months, weeks, or days, Luvme consistently delivers the best go-to wigs to support effortless self-expression, regardless of the weather. We understand the potential damage that stuffiness can inflict on the scalp and the discomfort of feeling suffocated when wearing a wig in hot weather. To enhance overall comfort, we have upgraded our wig cap structure to an airy net construction before the intense heat. Our HD LACE WIGS collection guarantees a more lightweight and breezy wearing experience, preventing any damage to the scalp and natural hair.

To further inspire summer hairstyles and introduce our summer-friendly wigs to all wig wearers, we hosted the #LUVMESUNKISSEDSUMMER contest in the middle of July. We invited all our fans to share their outdoor wig moments with us, and we have received numerous delightful shares from our wearers, showcasing their summer styles with our breathable wigs.

Our queens in the community are generously sharing their joyful moment in July. Breathable and lightweight wigs play a significant role in boosting their confidence, empowering them to freely express themselves, and enhancing overall comfort.


Luvme is for you, offering endless looks to match your every mood. Stay tuned for our latest product drop. 💜

August 04, 2023 — xiaowen zhou

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