What is Headband wig?

The headband wig, as the name suggests, is to replace the lace linked hair wig with a headband made of elastic ice silk.

The users can adjust the headband at will, so the headband wig is suitable for people with large or small head circumferences.

Moreover, because of the presence of the headband, no glue is needed when wearing it, and it can also show a natural hairline, which is very convenient.

Besides,users can wear other colors headband according to personal taste to hide the original black headband.


Why you choose Headband wig?

For its many features:

1.Beginner-Friendly,less than 2 minutes install

2.Quick & Easy To Wear

3.No glue,No gel, protect your edges well

4.Full protective style with no leave out

5.Different styles according to your mood, like buns, ponytail, updo

6.Super Natural Look,you can show your natural hairline

7.More Affordable


How to install Headband wig?

1.Sticking the hair back and left some edges.

2.Use some gel to deal with the edges.

3.Comb the hair out a bit.

4.Wear the wig cap and Pin the clip in the wig cap.

5.Fit the velcro of the headband.


If you are already interested in headband wig, you can click the link to view and take home!


November 29, 2021 — 李诗婷
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