1. Payment issue from debit / credit card

  •  Not Sufficient Funds
It means there is no enough money on your bank.
Please check if your payment amount exceeds your daily spending limit . Aslo pls confirm the balance is at least over R200 than the payment amount. Since there may have curreny exchange rate and banking handle fee.
  • Transaction Do Not Honour / Refer to Card Issuer
It may be the first time you order abroad or on an abroad website and your bank rejects your payment for security reasons.
You can contact your bank,show them you are the owner of the card,and get the payment through.Your bank might also try to contact you and confirm the usage of your card.  

And you can try to change another card to pay.
  • Cardholder Fail to Pass 3D Authorized Service / Cannot Start 3D Authorized Service

That's because your card is unable to authorised. Please try Pay again or Call your card issuer or change another card to pay.
Please input right 3D secure code or change another card to pay.
Also please check if your card has been authorized the 3D payment service for order abroad online.
Or please try to contact your bank to consult.


2. Payment issue from paypal

  • PayPal needs to check payment first, usually need 3-9 business days for payment processing to payment status updating. We will ship the item to you after the payment cleared.
  • Payment declined by PayPal: you can change another funding source or card and try again, if the decline still here then suggests you to check with local PayPal call center team. You can find the contact information through www.paypal.com contact them.
  • Payment reviewed by PayPal: please be patient for the review and login your PayPal account to check any waiting response required. Contact with local PayPal customer service center is also a solution can help you to know more about the payment review.


3. Price differences in rands

Kindly mind that the exchange rates of dollars and rands on our websites and in your bank are different.
In a regular transaction,the website will charge your bank in dollars according to your order,and your bank completes the transaction in rands,based on the bank's exchange rate with dollars.
The prices in the website is listed according to our exchange rate rather than your bank's. Your bank may charge for the exchanging of the currencies when you pay abroad.


4. Can't find order number when pay via Paypal

The payment may be pended for some time by Paypal after deducting it from your account. Luvmehair cannot receive your transaction during this pending time. Kindly check again later to confirm if the payment goes through and your orders are successfully placed.