Seeing the long and dense ponytail always makes people yearn for, ISN’T IT?

How to create an amazing ponytail?

You have to prepare first:

Two Hair Bundles,  Got2b Glue Hairspray,  Some Hair Pins,  Rubber Bands, Flat Iron,  Brush...


Step 1. Make sure you have a nice smooth base. 

Make your hair blow-dried and lat ironed and make sure the hair is already straightened. Now you will need to do this process for nice slick look.And then start off be putting your hair into a ponytail.

Step 2. Use some got2b glue hairspray to hold ponytail in place.

You can gonna do your hair in 3 sections and spray a lot. Start off with the right side because it makes it much more easier. And then use a hard brush to brush the hair up into the direction that your ponytail is going.Please notice that use your opposite hand holding the hair in place. Make sure that it is not move and that it helps to create a nice mold while applying heat. You have to remember make sure you're getting all the way down to the roots with that hairspray.

And then Do the middle section next.


Step 3. Brush out any baby hair and sculpt the edges.

You need to brush out any baby hair and Use the beads edge control to create the nice neat baby hairs. You could have done that before hand or you could have done that after hand. But if you do it after, it will be harder because you'll be pulling hair out of your mold. And if you do it before, it might be a little messy because you'll be trying to create the mold while having all this fuzzy here in the front.


Step 4. Keep redoing your ponytail and make sure your hair is not tight.

If you do it tight you will get a really bad headache and this hairstyle that lasts about 4 to 5 days will only last like 2. Because you'll having a migraine, so make sure it's not as tight. And then Use your hand to hold and make sure you move into next section that it's completely dry. If you do not wait till it's dry, you will actually allow for there to be lumps by the beginning of the point cell.

Remember to split your head into five sections, you're the left, the middle and the right and then you have the back split into two sections to spray. Please make it clear that once one section is dry, you cannot go back and brush or comb any sections because the hairspray will flake up, so keep that very much so in mind.

Step 5. Take a piece of braiding to make the ponytail longer.

Add on braiding hair to make the braid longer when you wrap the weave around the braid. You can gonna braid your hair into the ponytail and the ponytail braid can actually be a little more longer than it would have been if just did it with no braiding hair. It came with your real hair if you want your ponytail the actual weave to be as long as possible.Take a rubber band and just put it towards the end of the braid and cut off the excess.


You can also actually skip this if you don't want your hair to be as long.

Step 6. Stick the bundle in the end of braid with hair pin.

Get a hair pin and stick it into the end of the weave to link the end of the braid. Preferably inside the middle of the rubber band. And then take the ends and of the pin and fold it upward. Kind of like making it like latch on, so it will not come off.


Step 7. Create the ponytail with wrapping the hair weave.

Hold the middle of the braid and take that weft and just gonna wrap it all the way around the braid until we get up to the top of the ponytail. And every now and then, you need to add a pin in and stick the pin through the middle of the braid.

This way is so easy and efficient, it lasts way longer than glue. When it's time to take this ponytail down, all you really have to do is just unravel, take the pins out fold the bundles.

For the little piece that's left for the bundle, you gonna just take it and spray with hairspray. Wrap it all the way around the braid until you can't wrap it anymore and secure it with a hair pin.

The issue that people use is they pull this really tight , do not do that , because you'll be making your ponytail even tighter and it will be more uncomfortable secure with a pin.


Step 8. Brush and make the hair shine. 

Take a tiny small piece from the back of the ponytail and douse it with hairspray, and then wrap it around the top of the ponytail.The point of this is to really cover the weave.

And then brush the ponytail gently. You can also use some moroccan oil because it's a nice shine and it doesn't even hear all greasy and weird-looking.

Get a flat iron and flat iron your hair as straight as possible to give it some more life and shine. 


September 29, 2021 — 李诗婷

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