“Not all shampoos and conditioners are created equal.”

You may have heard this sentence many times.Each product has its own function, we have to understand and distinguish, in order to better maintain our wig.


  1. Shampoo & Conditioner For Washing

 It is best to use Shampoo & Conditioner products specially developed for wigs, which can maintain the moisture of the wig without damaging the hair quality and extend the life of the wig. You can learn about the products recommended by our clients and buy them in Takealot or Dischem:

>>Tresemme Shampoo and Conditioner For Washing

>>Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo from Dove

>>Pantene(Pro-V) Hair Conditioner

>>John Frieda Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner

>>Uwinshair Coconut Conditioner (Shop it)


  1. Glue & Spray

 Glue and spray makes the lace sink into your skin and there you have your natural look.After spraying you need to dry it a little bit with your hairdryer, then put on the wig and use headband to make sure that it has to lay the wig down. You can try these products recommended by our clients and get it from our web

>>Got2B Glue and Spray (Get it)


  1. Hair Wax Stick

The hair wax stick can help you smooth the messy hair on the hairline, even if you don’t use the hot comb, you can smooth your hair. Please learn this one and if necessary, you can buy it on our official website :

>>Uwinshair Wax Stick (Buy it)


  1. Hair Polisher & Mousse

For straight or curly hair, you can apply mousse directly to the surface of the hair when dry, which will make the hair obedient.For softer hair, you can use mousse for styling, which has a lighter effect. It is not easy to let the hair collapse. And hair polisher can penetrate the hair and provide moisturizing properties that nourish the hair thus protecting it from humidity and lasting healthy shine. You can check the products recommended by these guests and buy them at Click

>>L’OREAL Elnett Satin Creme De Mousse

>>ORS Olive Oil Hold & Shine Wrap/Set Mousse

>>Uwinshair Curly Hair Mousse


  1. Hair Serum

Whenever our hair encounters destructive treatments or is exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to use hair serum to provide thermal protection to wet hair and make hair silky smooth and shiny and also repair split ends and dryness.You can try this products recommended by many people and buy it from Takealot:

>>Long & Lasting Ultra Shine Silicone Serum

>>KAIR Treatment Range

>>CLICKS Hair Serum


  1. Hot comb

 With ceramic technology, electric hot comb delivers even heat, leaves your hair shiny, and frizz-free when straightening hair. It's  the best at flat straightening hair from closure to the end very easily. You can easily achieve a silky straight look in seconds without burning yourself. You can try this product:

 >>Uwinshair Hot Comb (Acquire it)


  1. Flat Iron

 The temperature control of the flat iron is accurate, and the heating is rapid. The hair is smooth and shiny while straightening, and protects the hair to the utmost extent. Please try:

 >>Uwinshair Pro Flat Iron (Take it)


  1. Paddle Brush

 Combing the wig with a Paddle Brush can disperse the strength and reduce hair fall. If you need ,you can buy it from Takealot or Click.




-- Avoid directly exposing your wigs to high temperatures.

-- Washed at least twice a month, preferably with a clear shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water.

-- Make sure to brush the hair to the top from the beginning, while making sure not to get too close to the lace bottom.

-- Do not blow dry the lace wig after washing, but let it dry naturally.

-- Apply mousse on the hair to provide moisture for straight or curly hair and keep it shiny.


If you want to konw how to refresh your wig,please click >>How to Give Your Old Lace Front Wigs A Fresh Look

April 13, 2021 — 李诗婷
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Christine said:

Can I have spray that can keep my hair nice and curly…..and the one for straight weave

Thandokazi Ndayi said:

Can you please send me your weave catalogue via email

Nokuthula said:

I recently bought the afro wig I just want to know what product can I use to give it a curly and shiny look

Sizakele said:

Hi i bought a curly wig with a brown highlight. Can i re dye it and which brsnd for the dye you recommend

Sizakele said:

Hi i bought a curly wig with a brown highlight. Can i re dye it and which brsnd for the dye you recommend

Faniswa said:

I’m still waiting for my wig

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