Why Plucking? Pre-plucked wigs let you achieve a natural-looking hairline. There is a cut in between your head and the wig (small separation where the wig ends and your forehead starts), To get a smooth transition and cute baby hair, plucking is necessary. To pluck a wig, you need to have these tools: Wig, Mannequin head, tweezer, comb, pins to hold your wig to the head. 

    First, try to keep the shape of your head as a guide. Stretch the front hair to the back and hold it. Remember to keep your hair tight on the head so you can see where there are more densities and where there is less.

    Second, pls take a little bit of a mousse and start applying it around the hairline. The Mousse will help the hair appear a little bit tacky, which makes it easier to tweeze. 

     Third, be sure to dry the hair cause drying makes it easier to see how the hairline looks at this point. You can section it into 3 or 4 part while plucking, keep moving little by little. The No.1 key when it comes to plucking is not plucking the same area so you should always keep moving up and down. Be sure to tweeze carefully and not concentrate on any one area for a long time, as excess tweezing can lead to bald spots. 

     Last, after finishing the creation of the natural hairline, recreate some baby hair, which will look more natural than the ones that came with the wig. This will make the hairline look very natural and your wig will be ready to wear. 

    When you don’t have a mannequin: For some people, it may be hard, but it really is not. When you don’t have a mannequin available, pluck your wig directly on your head. The way to do it is to hold your lace with a tight grip, so you don’t over-pluck. For some people, it is a preferred way to do it because, with a wig on your head, you exactly know which direction you want your hairline to be. 

September 07, 2020 — zhaolu zou
Tags: Wig tutorial


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Can we have video that shows how to apply a wig..


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