At Luvme Hair, we believe in building a closer, trusted relationship with our customers, and we have something special for everyone who shares our passion for quality wigs. Join our referral program and become a part of the Luvme Family, and sharing the goods to people around us. We want to spread the love around the world, and we appreciate this great opportunity to connect with amazing people who want to know more about us and our wigs.

Luvme Hair South Africa Referral Program

 To wig beginners or someone never tried on wigs, a wig or brand recommendation from friends and family members is much more reliable than shopping online yourself. With an referral program, we are not only able to eliminate the 'sus' experience, but also help women find the best products they need.  As our appreciation for your support and love, we offer a commission for every sold product through our referral program.

  We value and appreciate the support our customers have given us over the years, and building trusted, supported, and loved relationships with every customer is our goal. In the past, we have shown our appreciation through discount deals, but we have expanded our customer appreciation activities in recent years. In the coming year, we plan to offer even more customer appreciation activities, such as discounts for different occupations, customer success stories sharing, a customer appreciation event, and charity donations in the name of our customers.

  At Luvme Hair, we are here to support and satisfy every need of our customers, and we promise uncompromising quality at an affordable price. We couldn't have reached this milestone of achievement without you, our valued customers. Therefore, we want you to be a part of our journey and help us spread the word about our brand. Join us as a brand ambassador, and together we can achieve great things!

August 04, 2023 — xiaowen zhou

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