When you see a wig product that suits you very much, you immediately want to place an order, but you maybe encounter these problems:

>How to place an order?


>How to fill in the payment information?


>Is it safe to fill the payment information?


Are you still worried about these problems? Here comes the good news!

Uwinshair has opened three online payment channels and make ordering easier!

More importantly, every payment has a Secure SSL Encryption, and information you filled will not be leaked, so you can rest assured. You are supported to take away your favorite products in just 4 steps! Come and see if you are familiar with it!


Step1. Enter your shopping cart and check the product out.


Step2. Fill in the basic information and delivery address so that the package can be delivered accurately.


Step3. Reconfirm the information and shipping method.

Ps. We provide free shipping service for South Africa via Postnet!


Step4. Choose the payment channel you are familiar with.

If you pay by debit card/credit card, please select the first payment method.

If you pay by EFT, please select the second payment method.


  • Credit & Cheque card


  • Instant EFT

Choose your daily use and log in to pay.


  • Masterpass

Open the App on your phone and scan the code to pay.


  • SnapScan



Payment can be completed through the above four methods!

When you complete the payment through these 4 steps, we will receive your order and arrange delivery on time!

Uwinshair hopes to deliver beauty to every woman in a simple way!

We will provide fashionable and diverse products, please look for our official website and App to prevent being deceived.


Website Link: https://www.uwinshair.com/collections/wigs

Uwinshair App: https://www.uwinshair.com/blogs/news/uwinshair-app-launch-everything-you-should-know-to-use-the-app

If you have any questions, please contact us via email, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Email: info@uwinshair.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uwinshair

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uwinshair/

Whatsapp: +86 137 1013 8162

Thanks for your support!

November 10, 2021 — 李诗婷

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