1. Use alcohol to dry out and cleanse the skin, if there is a blunch of oil and moisture back there, it’s not gonna stick.
2. Apply and carefully position your 360 Lace Frontal as desired along your hairline. Braid or pin the hair out of the way.
3. Applying  glue along the hairline of the hair. You also could have Got2B gel to make it a little tacky and then go in and apply Got2B spray, this goes hand-in-hand with the gel and it makes the glue stay put without moving. Shop Got2B>>

4. Gradually press it down with the tail of the brush and to make sure it is tight and properly secured. You can go in with a headband or you can also use a scarf, try it for like 10 to 20 minutes and those who make sure it's properly secured on your head.

5. Cut away any remaining lace from your hairline.
6. Apply foundtion to cover the lace. Shop 360 Wig>>

1. Make sure to put your head down when you apply the lace, so that we can give some flexibility with the lace, if you apply when your head is up, the moment you put your head down after the wig has dried, it is probably gonna cause some pressure and make it lift.
2. Tweeze out some of the hair in the back if u have a wig with a lot of hair, you definitely wanna get rid of some of that, because the most natural look is going to come if you at least apply the wig where the lace is glued to your naked area and not the actural hair. 


November 16, 2020 — zhaolu zou


Dumisile said:

Do you still have braided wig

Dumisile said:

Do you still have braid wig

Lesego said:

I want this 360 and I see it is out of stock.

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