1)Switch to a lighter color
Lighter colors don’t soak up the heat in the same way that darker colors do. Lighter colored wigs absorb less heat and therefore stay cooler during the summer. If you’ve ever wondered if blondes really do have more fun, now might be the time to find out.

2)Experiment with updos
Pulling your hair up off your neck and back can help you stay cool because it expose your neck and takes the weight off it. Ideally, you want to go for a braid or a bun, not a ponytail. Ponytail hair tends to whip back and forth against the backs of our necks, picking up the sweat.

3)Don’t forget to wash your wig
When you don’t wash sweat out of your wig, it collects and weighs down your wig. And you should know that extra weight in your wig during the summer is always a bad thing. But washing the hair incorrectly may cause damage to the hair. For specific washing steps, you can refer to the previous blog. Washing steps>>

4)No swim cap, no diving
Even if your wig is extremely well attached, the pressure of diving or jumping can rip your wig off your head, leaving you in a hairless position. A swim cap on top of your wig will hold everything in place and makes sure nothing comes off while you’re having fun. Just make sure to be extra careful when you’re removing the cap so you don’t pull off your wig with it.

5) Swim time isn’t the time to wear your favorite wig
Chlorine and sea salt can both dry out your wig, make the hair fibers frizzy, and damage your wig cap. So if you spend too much time in salt water, the hairs will lose moisture and start to look brittle, and the wig cap will weaken. Here is the key: always wash your wig immediately after swimming and when u finish washing, spray it with leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioning sprays seal in moisture and protect your wig from the elements and the sun.

6) Pack cool wipes and moisturizing facial spray in your bag
If you start to overheat, wipe the area around your hairline with a cool wipe every so often and spritz yourself with a facial spray that has aloe. Then you will feel cooler after a while.

7) Store your wig in cool place to prevent the sun from discoloring the hair of your wigs, and pls wear hats or caps during outdoors.

December 08, 2020 — zhaolu zou

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