In our Houston pop-up shop this past April, something truly heartwarming left a warm glow in our hearts. At the pop-up shop, amidst all the good memories we made, one particular moment stood out as deeply touching to everyone at the Luvme team, as well as to our community.

Two Luvme Queens, as we affectionately called our cherished customers, crossed paths in the pop-up shop. As they stood side by side choosing wigs together, it was one of those moments where strangers become companions, offering advice and encouragement to one another. During their browsing, one of the Luvme queens couldn't help but notice the other's affection for a particular bob wig. It seemed to fit her perfectly and looked very good on her. However, hesitation lingered, and she couldn't bring herself to make the purchase. In a touching gesture of compassion and kindness, the observant queen quietly approached the cashier and bought the bob wig for the other Luvme Queen, and asked to gift it with complimentary installation in the shop, then she left the shop.

Imagine the surprise and joy that lit up the recipient's face upon knowing this unexpected act of kindness! Overwhelmed by gratitude, she expressed her astonishment, touched by the generosity of her newfound friend.

Touched by this beautiful act, we were deeply inspired to share this story with our community. We posted a video on our social media trying to locate this anonymous Luvme Queen. With our community's effort, we found her, Octavia Johnson, a true angel in our Luvme family.

We had the privilege of connecting with and interviewing her. In the conversation with her, Octavia shared the reason for her spontaneous gesture. For her, generosity goes a long way, and bringing joy to someone's face made her heart smile.
  1. What inspired your spontaneous act of kindness towards the other lady at our Houston Pop-up?
Octavia Johnson: I’m a natural giver and anytime I can share something with someone and know it will be appreciated, I will. This lady was the sweetest person I met since moving to Houston. When I walked into the shop and began looking around, this lady started talking to me like she had known me forever. She complimented me and I didn’t feel as if I was looking my best, but she made me feel like I was shining. We had short conversations as we discussed each wig we passed. I told her I usually throw my wigs away months after wearing them just so I can get a new one. She said she wanted a real wig and asked can I just give them to her. I laughed and responded, “Sure”. I knew I may never see this lady again, but I made a promise. I also understood that she and her sister didn’t want to spend much but still desired a high-quality wig. Since the wig I wanted was sold out, making someone else’s day brighter was a better choice and I hoped that this would. Generosity goes a long way and honestly seeing the joy on her face made my heart smile. My day was fulfilled and I left not expecting anything to become of it.
  1. What was going through your mind when you made the decision to purchase the bob wig for her?
Octavia Johnson: Honestly, the last thing that cross my mind was “you came here to buy a wig, but who said it has to be for you.” I’m a strong believer and preach to my daughter and younger sister often: “When you can be a blessing to someone, never miss the opportunity. Just because you up today, doesn’t mean you won’t be down tomorrow.” Remembering this lady saying “I want a real wig” crossed my mind as I stood at the checkout counter. I looked back at her, and everyone was helping her try on these two wigs that she was indecisive about. I saw the one she was trying on and thought, “she looks pretty.” So, I purchased it and gave her the bag. I was going to purchase her sister one also, but she had already bought hers.
  1. How do you believe small acts of generosity and luv, like the one you demonstrated towards a complete stranger at our Houston Pop-up, can ripple through communities and inspire other people?
Octavia Johnson: When generosity becomes the norm, it creates a culture where people feel valued and respected. Even small gestures can have a lasting impact. These gestures can foster a sense of connection and community. Even in a setting where people may not know each other, an act of kindness can bring people together, showing that we can care for one another despite our differences or unfamiliarity. When people witness or hear about acts of kindness, they are more likely to engage in similar behaviors. Hopefully this act will set an example of compassion and generosity and motivate others to do the same.
  1. Your kind gesture inspired so many of us, can you say a few words to the Luvme Community so we can keep on spreading this positivity?
Octavia Johnson: I'm so overjoyed that what I believed to be very small, was inspirational in the eyes of the community. I experienced firsthand how a simple act of generosity can make a big impact. It felt amazing to brighten someone’s day, and I could see how this inspired others around me. These moments should remind us that kindness doesn't have to be grand; even the smallest acts can create waves of positivity. When we help each other, we build a stronger, more compassionate community. Let's continue to find ways to support and uplift those around us, whether it's with a kind word, a helping hand, or a thoughtful gesture. Each of us has the ability to make a difference. Together, we can create a culture where everyone feels valued and cared for. Thank you Luvme Hair for being part of this journey and community. Let's keep spreading love and positivity wherever we go.
Octavia's act of generosity and kindness rippled through our community. In recognition of Octavia's kindness and as a token of our gratitude, we decided to give back. We wanted to express our appreciation by gifting her with ten wigs of her choice.
We're reminded that it's the moments of connection that truly matter. Through acts of kindness, we have the power to uplift spirits and make someone's day. Thank you, Luvme family, for being part of this journey. Let's continue to spread love and positivity!
For those who missed the event, we invite you to stay tuned for future pop-up events this summer! We can't wait to go to the next stop!
June 05, 2024 — zhuokimmi

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