Wearing a wig in the summer can cause challenges for many wig wearers. Certain wigs can leave you feeling hot, sweaty and weighed down which is no fun! However, there’s no need to sacrifice your wig altogether in the summertime.
    Nobody likes a sweaty head and a damp wig, so the first thing you should do is to choose hairstyles carefully. As we all know, longer wigs are a lot hotter around the neck than the short styles. So a short wig for hot days would work if you change your style around on a daily basis. There are so many fabulous, short wig styles for summer to choose from, including sleek bobs, textured pixie cuts and wavy lobs.

1.Short Bob

  A classic bob might be one of the most popular go-to wig styles during the summer months. In most cases, the hair is lightweight and, depending on the length you desire, will ease the tension between your hair and shoulder area. A short bob means no sweaty shoulders or matted hair at the nape of your neck, which are some of the most desirable attributes when looking for the perfect summer wig. If you’re unsure which length is best for you, try purchasing a 16" bob wig and cutting down to the perfect length. Shop Bobs on Sale>>

( If u are tired of black, then choose a lighter colour like brown and 613,  they will definitely make you look chic and new.) 

2.A Curly Lob

    If you’re a curly girl, then a curly lob will allows you to slay the short-cut look while still rocking defined curls and laid baby hairs. A style like this works better in the summer as opposed to the winter months because of its beachy look and low-maintenance upkeep. For a defined curl look, I recommend you use a foam mousse. Shop Curly Lob>>

3.Pixie Cut

    Pixie cuts are much loved in the celebrity world, and for good reason. They’re striking, cool and always on-trend. A textured pixie cut is a little bit edgy and a really fun hairstyle to try out. Its texture, shape and colour options provide a summer hairdo that looks natural and cool, making it one of our favourite short wig hairstyles on offer. Shop Pixie Cut>>

December 07, 2020 — zhaolu zou


Ntombi said:

Looking for a light purple bob weave/12"

Pamela said:

Looking for straight frindge bob 12inch

Sibusisiwe Prudence Nyanda said:

Do u have curly bob wing

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Zandile said:


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