If you know a few tricks about blow drying your wig, the set will last longer and the hair will be smoother. Here are some tips to remember when styling your wig to achieve wig perfection.
    *Start with hair that is damp, and not very wet. For best results start blow drying the hair when it is about 65% dry.
    *To add lift to the roots use your hands to comb your roots upwards and blow-dry.
     *Use the largest round brush that you’re comfortable with, it will give the hair a smoother look.
    *Use a brush with nylon bristles or a traditional boar brush. This provides the most tension for the perfect pull.
 Let your hair set. Allow the hair to cool down before moving on to the next section, it will give a longer lasting and smoother finish.
    *Use the nozzle. The nozzle concentrates the heat at the cuticle and gives the hair the smoothest finish.

September 12, 2020 — zhaolu zou
Tags: Wig tutorial

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