Sisters! Have you ever encountered buying a wig but found that the size is not suitable for you, maybe it is bigger or smaller??


Take a look at this method below, maybe it will help you.


1.Make that stretch pretty much permanent.



2.Unhook one side of the straps.

*Underneath that strap ,you guys will see an extra piece of elastic.This is what makes it stretch and retract back.


3.Separate that particular strap using a clip of your choice.



4.Cut that and split it into two.


5.Make the loop longer.

*Get a piece of elastic and add it to both sides just to make the loop longer.

*Use another elastic whatever color you want and split that into two.


6.One for the left side of the cap and one for the right side.

*Thread the needle and sew down the strap onto one end of the loop that we cut.

*Tie this off and get rid of the excess thread so that we can pretty much create the loop.


7.Go ahead and move onto the opposite side.

*To create the loop ,we need to flip the elastic that we just added on the right side and flip it over to the right.

*Lay it on top and just sew that together.


8.Not shut,but togther.

*Now it's much longer so it won't retract super tight on your's pretty much going to be like a looser wig which was exactly what we were going for.

*Go ahead and just secure it on both sides to make sure that everything is nice ,flat and even on all sides.


9.Tucking this elastic back down into the bottom of that strap.

*Into the little nook where it was hiding in the first place.


10.Repeat on the opposite side of the unit and finish it.


Have you learned this method?

This method may be a bit complicated, let's make it simple!


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You don’t need to worry about the wrong wig size anymore!

June 29, 2021 — 李诗婷
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Hillary said:

Can I sew in your wigs instead of using glue to secure it?

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