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Do you want the wig you bought to be as fluffy and beautiful as the pictures and models show?

How To Make Your Curls Pop Better than the model,better than the mannequin wig,better than everything on the website???

Let’s do some simple steps~

1.Use the shampoo you like,washing in a downward motion making sure you really get in there.

*Use your fingers as a rake to get in there and make sure everything is clean so your curls can pop better(that the hair doesn't end up tangling and shedding).

*Go ahead and rinse out the shampoo thoroughly.

2.Use the leave-in weigthless conditioner ( Buy on your own in offline stores).

*Apply a little bit on the hand and rub it gently and spread it evenly on the hair. 

3.Brushing out with a Denman brush.

*Brush the hair slowly making sure the hair is thoroughly detangled first and brush while holding the hair in the air and gonna start plopping the hair onto the towel.

4.Lay it down and pull the hair in toward the wig cap.

*Gently pull the hair so that way you can have tighter curls and leave them in a ball and sit your hair in the box.

5.Separate the curls a little bit.

*Apply some mousse laying it on the lace and install your wig.

*You can separate the curls a little bit and over time the hair is going to be more voluminous and rake the roots and keep separating.

Simply relax your wig and the curls, you can easily get a fluffy look!!

Let’s have a try!

The fluffy problem can be solved simply, but what should we do if it is tangled?

Click >>>How to Detangle Curly Wig: Six Tips to Follow  to find the answer!

June 30, 2021 — 李诗婷
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