When you get home at night, you have to take off your wig, which is installed with glue. How can you remove the glue quickly and safely?

Let’s learn this easier way!

1.Pour the oil on the napkin

Try to use oil and just use any kind of oil. Don’t feel don’t like.You have to use this one. You can literally use any all that you have at home. Get your napkin and you are just gonna not even pour a lot because this is some thick-ass oil. Holding the lace and put in the oil and lift it up a little bit more and more.


2.Wipe off the glue on the hairline

After that you can see the glue is still on your hairline. Just add oil to the hairline and use napkin to wipe the glue off. And the more oil do better.If you feel that alcohol will not make your hairline feel dry, you can use alcohol instead of oil.


3.Wash the glue off the wig

You’re gonna put your wig in a sink clearly and use a toothbrush. If you wet the way soap is gonna be your friend on this process. It slipping more harsher than shampoo. So you can use that around the hairline and really massage it in and then when you get your toothbrush, you just gonna brush the glue on one way. Bring your toothbrush and you’re just gonna wipe that glue off. The more soap the better. We want to scrub the glue out still be gentle because you don’t want to be treat like any holes or anything when it comes to actually washing the wig.


4.Wash the whole wig

Make sure the whole hair is wet like you wash your real here. When you’re washing your wig always keep a brush. Hold the front part of the wig and make sure all the soap comes out always keeping one hand. And then casually brush make sure you have no tangles.



And now many sisters feel that using glue is very complicated and unfriendly to hairline, so many people are fans of glueless wig.


This glueless bob wig is very simple to install, just put it on and go, no complicated process is needed, let your hairline feel free, if you are interested, click the link!

August 02, 2021 — 李诗婷

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