When installing a bob wig, the messy flyaway hair and the ends often annoy many sisters.So how can we style a new bob wig perfectly?

Please read it patiently.

What kind of hair tools you should keep?

Before installing the bob wig, please prepare these tools: Hot comb, Wax stick, Tail comb, Plat iron, Hair mousse



How to make the hair be flat?

1) Go start off by combing the front back.

2) Use the hot comb going through the hair and softly of combing up.



You're doing with the hot comb but we're gonna go up because that as you go up, it's kind of pressing in and making it straighter.


3) Sometimes you can even go ahead and hold the hair the section you're trying to hot comb and if you just you know comb that part again rotate it up.



You can go slower when the hot comb is not scorching hot.

With this hot comb it's not scorching hot because if it was it would have burnt the hair.


4) when you go in on these slant and rotate the comb this part of the hot comb is straightening the hair.


5) Use the plat iron straighten the hair.

6) Grab the ends of the hair and pull up the hair to be straightened.



Pay attention to dividing the hair into several parts for straightening.

After straightening one part each time, you can take new hair and straighten it.

You can cut the ends of your hair according to your needs.


How to make the flyaway hair flatter?

Some people always asked that how to flatten the wig?  

The hot comb is important!  

1) Straighten the part of flyaway hair.

2) Take the comb and again press down in coma, you can apply pressure by going in and combing up with the comb.

3) Apply hair mousse and wax stick to make the flyaway hair fit on the top of the head.



Use wax stick smoothing out the front edges and after that you just go in with the hot comb.


4) Use the hot comb to completely fix the flyaway hair.


5) You can add some oil on your hand and you don’t wanna put too much.

6) Rub it on the top of the head and the ends of the hair to make the hair straighter and more natural.



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July 30, 2021 — 李诗婷

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