This Appendix is part of Luvemhair South Africa Privacy Policy.By using Luvemhair South Africa Services, You agree these terms as described in the Privacy Policy and this Appendix.

1.Information You Give Us When You Use Luvemhair South Africa Services

1)By using Luvemhair South Africa Services, you might:
  • search or shop for products or services in our stores;
  • add or remove an item from Your cart, or place an order through or use Luvemhair South Africa Services;
  • download, stream, view, or use content on a device or through a service or application on a device;
  • provide information in Your account,such as upload or change account profile picture;
  • talk to or otherwise interact with Us;
  • upload Your contacts,such as nickname or self introduction;
  • configure Your settings on, provide data access permissions for, or interact with Us;
  • communicate with Us by phone, email, or otherwise;
  • complete a questionnaire, a support ticket, or a contest entry form;
  • upload or stream images, videos or other files to Luvemhair South Africa Services.
2)As a result of above actions, You agree to share with Us and agree that We can collect such information as:
  • identifying information,such as Your account name registered in our websites or Apps;
  • address,for Us to deliver the goods You ordered from Luvemhair South Africa;
  • phone numbers,for Us to deliver the goods You order from Luvemhair South Africa.Further, with Your explicit consent, Luvemhair South Africa may use Your phone number, or through Luvemhair South Africa's partners, communicate with You (via SMS or other methods) for the purpose of introducing Luvemhair South Africa's products or for advertising purposes;
  • payment information such as billing,for Us to send an invoice or relevant information regarding to Your order to you;
  • Shipping information pertaining to the products You have ordered is intended to inform You about the shipment of these products;
  • content of reviews,You may share Your opinions on products while using Luvemhair South Africa Services by providing reviews, which can include comments, pictures, videos, or other content. By sharing these reviews, You agree to assist other customers in gaining a better understanding of the products and aiding Us in enhancing our services. It's important to note that such reviews might involve accessing Your device's camera or files, which would require Your explicit consent. Rest assured, We will not access Your device's camera or files without obtaining Your consent.
  • any additional information that You upload or share with Luvemhair South Africa, such as a nickname for Your account, a self-introduction, or a profile picture, could potentially involve accessing Your device's camera or files. This access might require Your explicit consent. It's important to emphasize that We will never access Your device's camera or files without first obtaining Your consent.
2.Automatic Information
In order to help You use Luvemhair South Africa Services,quickly identify and solve problems during Your use of Luvemhair South Africa Services and improve Your shopping experience, the following information may be collected automatically:
  • the type of device You use;
  • the type of Internet browser that you use;
  • the IP address of your device;
  • device metrics such as when a device is in use, application usage, connectivity data, and any errors or event failure;
  • version and time zone settings;
  • your order history,for Us to help You record and better locate Your historical purchases and favorite product styles;
  • payment settings;
  • email notification settings.
3.Information from Other Sources

Such as updated delivery and address information from our carriers.

4.Information You Can Access

You are entitled to access or acquire all Your personal information You provided to or information collected by Luvemhair South Africa on the application.Or You may also contact Us for acquiring these information,and We will feedback to You as soon as possible under the Privacy Policy.