We all know that after a little while the afro hair gets like really tangle and messy so you have to get detangled properly and repair it.

So we gonna show you how to deal with this problem,even though the hair is super tangle. This trick helps a lot, let’s get it!


*You need to prepare:

Hair Clips, Afro Comb, Coconut Oil, Coconut Hair Conditioner

*The trick steps are as follows:

Step1. Wash the wig gently in a shallow basin filled with warm water and shampoo.

Step2. Pat the excess water off your wig, but do not rub,dry naturally.

Step3. Section off the hair into smaller section with clips.

Step4. Add some coconut oil to the ends of the hair in entire section.

Step5. Gently using your fingertips to stretch out the ends of the hair.

Step6. Comb the hair from the ends upward with afro comb.

Step7. Simply twist the hair so you know that it's done.


As we all know, the ends of the hair which is where the knots and tangles tend to build up.

The reason why you need to add oil was because it helps us move down the ends of the hair , it provides slip making it easier for the comb to easily glide through the hair.

Since applying this method, detangling the hair is so much easier and quicker also.When it comes to struggling to remove any knots or tangles, it just won't budge and it's more healthier for the hair.


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September 22, 2021 — 李诗婷
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