There’s nothing as classic as a clean black bob. It is a must-have wig for everyone. However, have you also encountered these problems in your bob experience?

Did you wake up messy again even after delicate daily care?

For most bobs on the market, you will be forced to use a lot of glue to secure it, which can be very stimulating to your scalp.

If you are in desperate need of higher quality bobs, let Uwinshair help you with these great products↓↓↓

New  Uwinshair Series: ReadyGo Bob

New Wig Concept: Ready to go, ready girl

Super High QualityGlueless + PrePlucked + KnotsBleached

Available Length: 8'' and 10''

Real Pictures:

Our new products of upgraded quality will be a quite pleasant surprise for you!

We can also pre-cut the lace for you if you want, to achieve a real three-second fast install! Get your wig done easily like never before for your dates, work, or school

All you need to solve your wig troubles is a "ReadyGo Bob". Don' t hesitate anymore! Be a ready girl together!!



July 08, 2022 — Kathy Chou
Tags: Wig tutorial


kimmi zhuo said:

love your hair

kimmi zhuo said:

love your hair

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