As an international brand, Uwinshair not only want to bring fashion and beauty to women, but also to provide support to the local society as much as possible. Affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and social unrest over the past two years, many children cannot be fully guaranteed in terms of education, social welfare and protection services.

In response to this, we hold this April event so that our caring & passionate customers can send a love to them while shopping for fav wigs.

Event Theme: Uwinshair & UNICEF #InspiredGift

Purpose of the activity: To help children in South Africa to have a better chance to grow up educated, healthy, and protected.

Event time: 3.28-4.30

Event flow

1.Enter the event page.

2.Pick the wig you want, click "ADD TO CART" or "BUY IT NOW". The designated wigs are sold at better prices during this charity event.

 (Note: Only purchase of wigs in "CHARITY SALE" will be eligible for our donation for this event.)

3. After placing an order, we'll automatically sum up the number of selected wigs, each equal to a donation of $1, and donate them totally to UNICEF South Africa.

Announcement of donation details: After the event, we will announce the number of support and total donations received on each all our social media accounts.

It's our sincere hope that more people can participate in this joint event to convey love and endless warmth to the children. Your generosity will be in the form of a new book, a piece of educational equipment for a children's school, a safer slide to a nursery, or helping more children to get access to their right to good nutrition.

Uwinshair expresses the most earnest gratitude for your kindness and support for children!

March 29, 2022 — Kathy Chou

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